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Its not just a state of the mind. Its the future of tech.


WhateLearning - optimizing learning experiences for enterprise workforces


A funded start-up, looking for speed to market on multiple platforms engineered for scale with deep AI integration to recognize employee learning patterns and evaluating the impact on overall learning experience

Geography : USA

Where : Cloud/Web 

Tech : Java stack, cloud, AI

Impact : Build the end-to-end platform for optimizing learning experiences and upskilling employees of large organizations


What : Personal productivity


Is there a new way to improve unit level productivity for the individual? The idea has basis in concepts of Organizational Relationship Management (ORM), with the individual at the center of all servicing and knowledge sharing needs at the family unit level. 

Geography : Europe (Amsterdam)

Where : Cloud/Web/Mobile 

Tech : Java stack, cloud, AI, automation 

Impact : Improve personal productivity with a new approach to task management - a one-view integrated concept with auto ingestion of media messages using AI parsing and NLU techniques


WhatAffinity management platform


For a large Asian conglomerate, build a platform for affinity management that is syndicated within and outside the multi-brand group level entities. 

Geography : SE Asia

Where : Cloud/ Mobile/ Automation/ Enterprise integrations 

Tech : Native mobile stack, cloud, automation 

Impact : Create and offer affinity programs for various brands to launch, manage, assess and optimize their business with automation and new age, mobile-ready, cloud engineering principles.

WhatDue diligence of a deep tech M&A target


For a US based mobile security startup with military-grade customers, evaluate the capability and architecture of the aggregate tech platform to provide a recommendation for a targeted funding cycle.

Geography : USA

Where : Mobile, scale engineering, cloud, Security

Tech : Proprietary

Impact : Spearhead the tech due diligence for a new age security based digital tech start-up for consideration to be selected for Peak Ventures VC investment portfolio.


WhatMarketing and competitive intelligence


Proprietary. Build a platform that provides a detailed comparison of companies across various business, market, customer and growth parameters for competitive intelligence and strategic decision support at the C-Suite level.

Geography : Global 

Where : Mobile, scale engineering, cloud, automation, AI

Tech : Proprietary

Impact : Build the end-to-end platform including business case, go-to-market strategy, architecture and construction of a competitive intelligence platform with automated aggregation technologies

WhatMarketing automation


Proprietary. Build a platform that automates lead generation based on filter parameters for a business.

Geography : Global 

Where : Mobile, scale engineering, cloud, automation, AI

Tech : Proprietary

Impact : Targets the problem of lead generation for businesses that are rapidly going Digital in their market oriented transition journeys


WhatExecutive strategy and board management 


Proprietary. Build a platform that provides board members a 360 degree view for the organization including market driven triggers and competitive landscape

Geography : USA

Where : Mobile, Web, scale engineering, cloud, automation, AI

Tech : Proprietary

Impact : Build the end-to-end platform including working with stakeholders like investors and design firms to build a cloud offering for management automation and decision support.

WhatInvestment management and asset selection for private unlisted markets


Proprietary. Build a platform to process unlisted private universe using theme based mathematical models for asset selection matching defined investment needs.

Geography : USA

Where : Web, scale engineering, cloud, automation, AI, integrations

Tech : Proprietary

Impact : A computationally intensive implementation using multi factor models for asset selection to accelerate investment research and analysis for private equity funds

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