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Its not just a state of the mind. Its the future of tech.

Scale platforms


Fast growing businesses need to think scale. New age businesses live or die, survive or thrive on their abilities to scale their platforms. We build scale concepts into everything we do from the get go. Talk to us today to build giga scale platforms specific to your domains and business cases.


Modern day software engineering considers DevOps as a lifeline. With continuous deployment pipelines and with DevOps driving the delivery discipline, we maintain a strategy of speed-to-market strategy for our software and infrastructure management processes.

Machine Learning

If you are building for the future and for scale, you need to integrate and incorporate state of the art machine learning into your platforms. We can help you bring deep algorithmic expertise and push the envelope. Talk to us today to utilize the power of machine learning in your business domain.

Mobile engineering

Mobile usage trumps web usage 6:1 and is only getting more skewed. The future is mobile as handheld devices become pervasive and transition to becoming the primary channels for customers and users to communicate. Use our expertise and the power of responsive native mobile engineering to open up omni-potent channels for your business.

Data Science

Data is the new gold. If you do not leverage the power of data, then you have to rely on emotions and guesswork in running a business. Data drives rational decisions, data drives research, data drives conclusion. Use our deep expertise in data science and the cold hard logic of mathematics to enable your data to tell stories about your business.

Automation Engineering

We have fed computers with data for the last 3 decades, and now they are getting ready to feed us with intelligent automation. Automation is the enabler to remove the manual grunt work in your business. Automation leverages machine intelligence for 24x7 productivity and keeps your business awake even while you sleep. Talk to us today to see how we can automate your business processes.

Cloud engineering

While scaling businesses in the cloud sounds easy, it needs careful navigation given the intricacies of cloud deployments and management. The future is moving away from in-house data centers and legacy applications. Every major new initiative in a forward-looking business requires giving due consideration to the cloud. Talk to our experts today to see how you can cloud enable your business and future strategies.

Design and UX

Users expect stimulating experiences when they visit your website or use your applications. Design first principles help you stand out in a crowded market with short attention spans. We can help you design new age mobile, web, conversational and data applications that lead the curve of user experience for the future of your technology and business.

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