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  • Govinda Raj

Jumpstart iOS automation using Appium – Part 5

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

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A few pointers that should help you in your automation:

  • Make sure the setup is rock solid. Use the SampleTest provided in this article to test out the setup before you proceed with your automation.

  • Use Id/Accessibility Id/Name/ClassName/Predicate String to locate elements, your test will run very fast. Avoid absolute and relative xpaths.

  • If you are using a real device and the app is not installed then only that you need is a .app file for testing your app.

  • Close the Appium session(quit driver) when your test is over.

  • Use Appium inspector to get locators of elements. Read our blog on DevOps and SRE- Selection of Monitoring Tools

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