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Jumpstart iOS automation using Appium – Part 2

So how do we automate using Appium?

Before we jump ahead, let us read a little bit about Selenium Webdriver.

What is Selenium Webdriver?

Selenium (not the chemical compound :-)) is a tool to automate UI on a browser. Simple, isn’t it? It is also a portable testing framework for web applications. It has a fairly good set of libraries that provides APIs that can be used to test UI on a browser or a headless browser using a client programming language of your choice.

Selenium WebDriver succeeds Selenium-RC which was initially used to run browser-based automation. Selenium WebDriver is designed to provide a simpler, more concise programming interface in addition to addressing some limitations in the Selenium-RC API.

It also rules out the use of the Selenium server which was handicap-ed for running automation with RC. We will have to remember that the WebDriver requires browser support which is provided by default in Firefox, however for Chrome and headless browsers like PhantomJS you would require a client.

What is Xcode tool?

For those who are unfamiliar with XCode, it is Apple’s IDE to develop Mac and iOS applications. From automation, perspective iOS requires Xcode to be installed on the system for us to run XCUITest. For further reading:

What is TestNG?

TestNG is a testing framework that binds the best of both worlds from JUnit and NUnit, making automation easier and more powerful as well. For further reading:

Steps to Install Appium , Xcode, Intellij :

  • Install Appium on your desktop

  • Download Appium desktop version (.dmg file for MacBook)

  • Install guide.

  • Install Xcode on your desktop

  • Go to App store or Download xcode (we need to be signed in to AppStore to download the xcode latest version. If do not have an Apple id then here you can create one to proceed further.)

  • Download Xcode and follow the instruction to install it.

  • Install Intellij in your desktop

  • Before install intellij, install java and set JAVA_HOME.

  • Download Intellij editor. Choose a community version for suitable OS.

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