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How is automation taking charge?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Quarantine, social distancing, and lockdowns are some words that have become very common in the past few days, but what is very uncommon is big companies being shut down, and economies are not hugely affected. Why is that? Giving it a thought what comes into the picture is remote working. And the key driver or say engine to the smooth workflow of remote working is obviously AUTOMATION.

Automation has brought the world much closer than ever! The term automation has gained some centricity in the past few years and now is the right time to put all forces to work.

Yes, there is a serious pandemic caused but the world cannot just stop.

I have been working from home for the past 2 weeks now, yes my organization takes care of me and my safety, and also work has to go on. I have been more productive than before, and all thanks to automation.

Irrespective of the pandemic, remote working is something that has become the new normal and the shift of the workforce preferring for remote working is huge, considering that investing in workflow automation is the best thing to do!

How is workflow automation taking charge of remote working?

Daily morning huddles!

What we diligently follow in our organization, is the ritual of daily morning 9 am huddles, everyone has huddles up at 9 in front of the screens and we have a quick meeting, of what is to be done and not. Yes, even when we worked in the office, this was followed, but not everyone was punctual, because of unavoidable reasons, sometimes it was the commute or a late start. In the case of remote working, that isn't an issue. And I have seen better functionality in it.


Believe it or not, most of us have better communication on chat than on face to face.

That is where technology comes into force. It gives me a chance of interacting with people, I have not even met and cuts down that barrier for me. As a team, our work is obviously dependent on each other.

Paper to paperless

I don't remember the last time I used a diary and pen to note down my meetings and my availability to schedule any. Automation has just eased my work so much,

No FOMO again!

Is FOMO only related to missing out on social events and social happenings? Ahhh.. for me missing out on my potential gems of the company, in easy words, my potential clients would be the biggest miss. But all thanks to automation I don't have the FOMO of my clients anymore.

As soon as I get a mail, I don't have the fear that it is lost under the huge pile of junk mails, but automation can easily track and direct it to my leads set!


The Internet is a scary little world, I agree with the data you feed in, you are not aware of who does it reach and what it does. You have your personal data fed in it, but an ISO certification does reduce the fear and increases the trust.

What it all teaches us is that now is the opportunity to create and present the world with the beautiful and productive side of automation. If you don't do it, the world is anyway going to move ahead, and everyone obviously does have FOMO, is it not? So what is the hum that everyone is talking about?

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